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fdt, ly, cdd, k, 2, mkw, 3du, oko, rd, it, 9ow, t, d, oy, xc, n, y, h, e7o, cr, i89, jt9, wlq, w4u, GR8Work | Residential Remodeling Services in Redwood City CA

GR8WORK Builders Inc.

Since 1977, Bob Rosenberg and GR8WORK Builders Inc. have provided full service residential remodeling services throughout the Mid-Peninsula. We specialize in kitchens and baths, as well as complete home renovations. Our superior craftsmanship, constant communication, and impeccable attention to detail assure your complete satisfaction of all aspects of any size project. For over 41 years we have customized each remodeling project to meet the individual needs of the homeowner. We help you make your home great! Read more »

Our Services Include:

  • Whole house renovation
  • Remodel and addition
  • Kitchen and bath
  • New home
  • Green Building

Superior Craftmanship

Constant Communication

Attention to Detail